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Roger Brown, Photographer

He has completed a BA in Economics and Information Science, and an MBA. Roger’s career has also included, ownership and management of his own IT business, corporate management and SME directorships. He has worked in a wide range of industries including Wholesale Distribution, Retail, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Primary and Secondary Health, and Government and Business and FMCG broking.  He has been particularly recognised for his experience and expertise in Health IT, Contact Centres, Service Management and in developing processes to deliver excellent Customer Experiences, and for his pragmatic and strong approach to all aspects of business management. 

Fortunately, following much assistance from carers and professionals, as well as his own persistence he has been able to return to limited work.

One of the things that I did through my rehabilitation journey, was to re-awaken my photography interest.   I figured that if I couldn’t reliably communicate with language, then I would make pictures.  I met Ken Ball, through an Auckland University Continuing Education workshop, open up a new set of eyes and the mind. I set out to produce ‘interesting’ images – things that are different, and are more like impressionist paintings. 





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