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Roger Brown, Photographer

A successful business and IT management Consultant, I suffered a stroke in May 2007 - and a second in December 2008 and a third in August 2010. Although I had no physical disability, I was initially left with severe aphasia (what is aphasia?).  I lost virtually all of his language - I was inabile to speak, read or write. Luckily over the next years, my aphasia has reduced significantly. It has improved from 'severe' to 'mild', but I am not fully recovered, and probably will be never so. 

One of the things that I did through my rehabilitation journey, was to re-awaken my photography interest - I figured that if I couldn’t reliably communicate with language, then I would make pictures. 

One of my challenges was to set out to produce ‘interesting’ images – things that are different, and are more like impressionist paintings, or abstract images. 

I have a passion for the land. I have owned goat, sheep and dairy farms in the past and currently have a chestnut and olive orchard.  Often you can usually find me on the South Kaipara Head, but I live part-time in Auckland’s North Shore. 



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